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Киев, Резюме на должность: marketing research manager

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Дата рождения:  ** ** ****
Регион:  Киев и область
Адрес:  *******
Контактный(е) тел:  *******
E-mail:  *******

Цель (желаемая должность):  marketing research manager
График работы:  Полная занятость
Область деятельности:  Маркетинг / Реклама / PR
Специализация:  Аналитик, Исследования рынка
Уровень образования:  Высшее
Опыт работы:  более 6 лет


August 2010 - May 2015*******
Специализация:#2 international company on spirits market
Должность:Research Manager
Обязанности:Strategic analysis: complex study of market evolution and competitive environment, identification of opportunities and implementation trough effective strategic business decisions, recommendation of clear guidelines for marketing mix;
Analysis of retail audit data (Nielsen);
Development and implementation of the consumer insight research projects;
Planning of marketing research, development and management of research budget;
Agency management: leading the communication with research agencies in order to increase their knowledge of market, briefing, coordination and control of fieldwork, advise on report preparation;
Coaching of marketing team in terms of marketing research and market knowledge;
Reports and presentation development.
Market analysis, tracking of market tendencies, forecasting, consumer insights, strategic analysis
Research agencies: Nielsen, GFK, TNS, IPSOS, MASMI
September 2008 - August 2010*******
Специализация:producer of dairy products: brands President, Fanni, Lactonia, and Bilosvit
Должность:Research Manager
Обязанности:Complex market study, analysis of retail audit data (Nielsen);
Introducing qualitative and quantitative marketing research: briefing of agencies, coordination of the research execution, analysis of results for management decisions making;
Planning of marketing research, development and management of research budget;
Participation in marketing project: study and choice of the most perspective target market, discovery of consumers requirements to the qualitative features of goods and communications, analysis of the competitive environment, analysis of consumer trends, evaluation of the advertisement efficiency;
Reports and presentation development.
October 2006 - August 2008*******
Специализация:producer of juices, nectars, juice drinks and canned food; brands: Jaffa, OBFC
Должность:Research Manager
Обязанности:Qualitative and quantitative research;
Cooperation with research agencies for the marketing research development;
Markets analysis;
Reports and presentations development;
People management experience: managing of junior research specialist;
Support of the Hot Line project;
Support of the corporate web-site project
December 2003 - September 2006*******
Специализация:producer of juices, nectars, juice drinks and canned food; brands: Jaffa, OBFC
Должность:Trade-marketing analyst
Обязанности:Data analysis of distribution, prices, product range;
Analysis of promo activities;
Sales forecasting;
Administration and participation in development of merchandising software for distribution, pricing analysis;
Development of distribution plans for trade teams;
Functional management of trade-marketing assistant staff responsible for input and initial data processing, coaching for trade-marketing resource employees.
March 2003 - December 2003*******
Специализация:Cash & Carry, Odessa
Должность:Analyst / expert on data processing of marketing department
Обязанности:Data analysis of sales volumes and consumption of different trade categories;
Development of software (on the basis of Microsoft Access) to process the data of price monitoring;
Development of software (on the basis of Microsoft Access) for analysis of TM «Mivina»
September 1995 - January 2004*******
Должность:Senior Lecturer, Information technologies department
Обязанности:Development and teaching of the courses: ”Programming of economic and engineer processes”, “Database management systems”, “Informatics”;
Development of teacher editions on the mentioned courses;
Development of software:
o the series of laboratory assignments on the course ”Programming of economic and engineer processes”;
o library of subprograms for engineer tasks solving;
Development of databases for testing tasks in the intellectual evaluation system “Control”;
Coordination of educational work on the faculty;
Organization of extracurricular activities


Год окончания:1995
Учебное заведение:Odessa State University named in honor of I.I. Mechnikov
Специальность:Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics
Квалификация:Applied Mathematics


Английский  -  свободно


More than 12 years of marketing research in FMCG. I have experience in consumer insight, market analysis, business intelligence and forecasting, strategic planning, managing budgets, coaching and supervising. I have strong analytical, strategic and presen

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